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There was big news from Kendama games at the end of 2009. It turns out that a couple of Oozora kendamas and one Shin Fuji kendama are painted with paint that contains more lead than is allowed, according to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission press release.

The kendamas in question are the red and green Oozoras and the red Shin Fujis. Kendamaspot will send you a new ball if you contact them.

Hilariously, the only store is Kendama Romania that apparently passed with flying colors was the one supposedly made in China, the TK16 Master.

Should you be worried about this? I somehow doubt that you’re going to get enough paint in your system from a kendama to cause any problems. Wikipedia says that lead “is especially damaging to children under age six whose bodies are still developing.”

Peeling lead paint from old houses is where it can become an issue, where there is a ton of paint, and it chips off of windows and doors and babies can eat it by the handful. But my Oozora and Shin Fuji are not really chipping. Denting up for sure, but not losing paint.

But if you have a young kid with one of these kendamas, you might as well get the replacement ball. Better safe than sorry.

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